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[V.I.P. Interview] Queen Peezy - Future Fashion & Rap Icon

In this edition of The V.I.P. Section we speak with rising Fashion Industry Mogul and Connecticut based rap recording artist Queen Peezy of the Boss9 Music (who often works alongside popular indie label Blazed Up Records) to discuss her latest music video and single "Indifferent Timing", her clothing line and more. Learn all about this self-made boss and music industry powerhouse in our exclusive interview below.

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Instagram: NOVE LOCKOURE (@x2playah) • Instagram photos and videos

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/xJayLondon

The V.I.P. Section: How are you, Queen Peezy?

Queen Peezy: I’m doing well, making it happen you know.

The V.I.P. Section: What makes you a "V.I.P."?

Queen Peezy: Off rip I was born this way no to coincided. My government name is unique no one has it and never will, Lykyk dassit *chuckles*

The V.I.P. Section: How did you get the name "Peezy"?

Queen Peezy: I got the name Peezy from the block, my guys TreyTroop, Black & Mad Head ain’t wanna call me peanut they said I was to Flee "Stylish" so they said nahh you Peezy "Ah Peezy Dat " it just stuck from there.

The V.I.P. Section: You currently have a single and video out titled "Indifferent Timing", what's it all about?

Queen Peezy: It started off with me creating the instrumental. I really didn’t have a full idea of where I was going with it but when it was over I said to myself "this some indifferent timing". The mood of the creation was crazy wild at the moment.

The V.I.P. Section: Who are you currently working with as far as music?

Queen Peezy: Mainly family. I stay locked in with em, I recently did a feature with Joe Gifted out of Atlanta and a few more surprise features from around the way .

The V.I.P. Section: Let's talk about your clothing line "LOCKOURE "? What's the meaning behind it?

Queen Peezy: It’s based off of my family last name, but the meaning behind it is to always keep a boss mind and do it for the Love, Culture & last but not least the Fortune. What’s life with out that and to "protect ya brand at all cost".

The V.I.P. Section: How would you describe your clothing line?

Queen Peezy: One of a kind, indifferent, best custom street ware but it can also be classy than a muva. Always keep it playa in it.

The V.I.P. Section: Who is your clothing brand primarily for?

Queen Peezy: Everyone who wanna put it on. This line ain’t bias.

The V.I.P. Section: What pieces do you have available?

Queen Peezy: At this moment The LOCKOURE Pants, Trippin' Str8 one of one Ts

The V.I.P. Section: Where do you see your clothing line in the next few years?

Queen Peezy: As big as It can be! I just gotta put that work in.

The V.I.P. Section: Who are some of your favorite designers or brands?

Queen Peezy: Dapper Dan really is my idol in this, ain’t nobody like him. The story behind Von Dutch but even growing up I always loved those pieces Ma guy YE always been a fan but all the new designers fire everything has such a raw edge.

The V.I.P. Section: What can we expect from your brand in the future?

Queen Peezy: Everything just expect to see LOCKOURE all over!

The V.I.P. Section: What can we expect from Queen Peezy in the future?

Queen Peezy: More projects, more shows, Queen Peezy will be bigger than I can dream of.



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