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UBC-TV, the fastest-growing global, urban lifestyle network in the world, will soon begin broadcasting Flint Monarchs women’s basketball games on its 24-hour channel in Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Pay-Per-View (PPV) formats. This rollout of Global Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA) game coverage brings UBC-TV into the realm of televised sports, and all the action comes right to your TV or device of your choice! After this initial season of Flint Monarchs games (plus the GWBA playoffs and Championships), more of the league's teams will join the UBC-TV Sports lineup in seasons to follow. GWBA owner Sonya Nichols and Flint Monarchs owner Drey Wynn are “excited and thrilled” to partner with UBC-TV and share all the hardwood excitement with the network’s viewers, whenever and wherever they want it!

The GWBA, a professional women’s basketball league, features teams all across the USA and abroad. Founded in 2016 by Chicagoan Sonya Nichols, who was herself a player at James Madison University on the women’s basketball team, the league seeks to “exemplify quality by adhering to our mission of excellence, unity, and character. Everyone within the GWBA embraces the pieces of togetherness and equality”, according to their mission statement. With an emphasis on having international teams, so women from around the world can compete with US teams here at home, the GWBA is transcending borders and cultures to uplift women’s sports and share the love of the game with one and all.

UBC-TV continues to march forward as the premier urban entertainment network in today’s marketplace, making major strides that mark the platform as an industry leader. Recently, UBC-TV signed a partnership with Glewed TV, expanding its reach across multiple streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV. Soon, people around the globe will have access to a wide-ranging experience second to none in the online entertainment world. UBC-TV has also rolled out UB Social, a network-related social media platform that brings viewers, content creators, network stars and sponsors together. Also, please stay tuned for more platform announcements coming soon.

For more about the GWBA, you can check out their website here. You can also follow all the newest content and happenings at UBC-TV here.

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