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[TRUE V.I.P.] Author & Businesswoman Tiffany L. Brown is a Queen that Wears Many Crowns

Tiffany L. Brown is a prominent businesswoman, author, mother, wife, speaker, advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, event organizer, promoter, influencer, community leader, and much more. There is no one word or phrase that encompasses all of who she is, what she can do and who she will become, however it is truly evident that Tiffany is more than just a mere "Jane" of all trades, but a Queen who wears multiple crowns. Here on The V.I.P. Section, we will explore many of the various roles that Mrs. Tiffany plays, and closely examine the jewels on the various crowns she wears.


In 2018, Tiffany L. Brown published her first book "Reality Check: A Survivors Story", which is currently available on Amazon (at the link below) as well as her official website http://www.TiffanyLBrown.com

Purchase the book "Reality Check" on Amazon below.


EMOTIONAL, LIFE-CHANGING, DRAMATIC AND POWERFUL! Toni is a confident community leader and businesswoman until one horrific night turns her from advocate to survivor. Toni has to rediscover who she is and what her future holds while trying to trust and love again. In the midst of her healing, she questions her sexuality, her friendships and her own personal purpose in life. Not only is Toni responsible for herself, but she is also responsible for three teen girls who are suffering from their own trauma and trying to find their way in the world. Denise is a young lady who identifies as a lesbian and has Toni wondering if maybe there is another way to love while Melanie learns she's pregnant and calls on Toni to help her make a big decision that will change her life forever but not before meeting Stephanie who reminds her exactly of herself. Will Toni be able to find herself again after one reality check after another or will she evolve into something much much more? Find the answers in the pages of Reality Check! Reality Check: A Survivor Story is based off of true events and is 1 of 4 books about the inspirational and powerful characters you can relate to and grow to love in the Reality Check series!


Tiffany Brown is a very warm, caring individual, especially according to those around her and the people that work closely with her. She's always doing for others in need and giving back in the community. Tiffany has teamed up and partnered with many nonprofits and various organizations throughout the region such Safe Alliance, Renewed Inspiration, Heal Charlotte, Loving Yourself No More Abuse, and many others for community events, charity functions, walks, community givebacks, and food drives. Not only does Tiffany talk the talk, but she certainly walks the walk and is very hands on with every project she takes on. Tiffany Brown is also an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She speaks to the victims and their families, provide resources, additional shelter, food, clothes and whatever items or assistance is needed. With a large network at her disposal, and an abundance of resources provided by associated organizations, Tiffany is always there to provide whatever is needed for whoever needs it. Not only is she a help-meet to her amazing husband that accompanies her as she provides assistance to the community, but she's also a "help-meet" to the rest of the world and helps meet the needs of those she meets and helps.


In addition to being an amazing author, and great humanitarian, Tiffany Brown is also a trailblazing entrepreneur and groundbreaking businesswoman that provides several economic opportunities for others through her numerous business ventures. One of those business ventures is her popular Love N Lust Lingerie brand, a nightwear clothing line dedicated to promoting body positivity, and embracing ones self. Tiffany has given opportunities to models of all shapes, sizes and walks of life, and provides several stylish options for all body types. View many of the items by Love N Lust Lingerie at the link below


There's much more to Tiffany Brown than what's provided in this article, as she wears many crowns, and is involved in so many projects. Stay up to date with Tiffany by visiting her official website http://www.TiffanyLBrown.com and following her on all social media.

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