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Just in time for the 2020 Holidays, fashionista, celebrity stylist, and TV personality Shatava Lindsey is unveiling her scintillating new Dripped In Graffiti Collection of transitional apparel that makes today’s woman shine.   Whether you’re at work in a business casual mode or enjoying a night out on the town, the high-energy print skirts, pants, and sophisticated blazers are ready to move as you do, flexible and interchangeable as your needs may dictate.  Match the skirt with the blazer, or the bra with the pants—these bespoke creations are geared to the expressive, empowered woman who wants a versatile wardrobe for all occasions.  Shatava Lindsey brings her formidable talents to the forefront in this new, outre offering that draws on her experiences as the creator of her OURGLASS brand.  Each woman’s shape is her “glass”, and OURGLASS, therefore, represents all women and their unique contours.  Dripped In Graffiti carries that philosophy forward in a very liberating way!

“I wanted to give my customer the choice. I am interested in seeing the customer’s interpretation of this line and how they style the pieces to make them feel fierce and fashionable,” says Lindsey.  Despite the obstacles presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Shatava Lindsey remained undeterred, getting fabric, trims, photoshoots, and other production essentials together to make Dripped In Graffiti a reality.  Reflecting on the chaos that is our world in 2020, these outstanding pieces blend loudness with subtlety to yield a bold statement that can match the style, taste, and mood of each individual customer.  Get the power to make a big splash of your own, every day, everywhere you want to be!

Shatava Lindsey has dressed the stars of TV One’s popular Sister Circle talk show, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network reality series Ready To Love, TLC's Say Yes To The Dress, and shared her stylistic wisdom on TV One's Sister Circle, as the on-air Style Segment host, and her hometown’s own Good Morning Chattanooga.  A self-made entrepreneur, Shatava is also a diligent community citizen, giving back to those in need through her annual Prom Dress Drive, which gifts used prom dresses for young debutantes for whom new dresses are out of reach.  You can discover the Dripped In Graffiti collection by visiting https://shopourglass.com/collections/ourglass-custom-1.  

On social media, find Shatava Lindsey on Instagram @iamshatava or @shopourglass and the OURGLASS website is www.shopourglass.com.  The brand is also on Facebook as shopourglass, Twitter and IG @shopourglass.

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