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Remembering Fred The Godson on his Birthday with his own Street Sign & Billboard in New York.

Yesterday’s unveiling ceremony, co-naming Frederick “The Godson” Thomas Way in honor of the Bronx native and rap legend, by the Fred “The Godson” Foundation, was amazing. Friends, family, and notable celebrities like Jim Jones and Justina Valentine braved the snowy weather to turn out and speak love and tribute to “The Godson”. Also assuring the days success was celebrated Publicist Stephanie Carnegie, Fred The Godsons Family & team, Jasmine Jones, Chanel Rae, and more.

Billboard Buzzing LLC, a Black-Owned Digital Billboard Company stepped up to do their part as well. Fred “The Godson” was one of those people who, if you saw him on the street and asked for a picture, he would cheerfully chop it up with you. “So, when the Wild'N Out Queen, Justina Valentine, hit us up,” say Billboard Buzzing co-owners Ernest Jackson and Alexis Saner, “we were more than happy to jump on this one for the family and the fans.”

Later on this week we hope to have a member of the family interviewer with Sach’e-Mi “Speak Your Truth” from @Billboardbuzzing. Stay tuned.

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