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Reflecting on the Legendary Plug of NYC "Jason Bourne's" Interview with Haddy Racks

On March 14th, 2020 an amazing Family, a Community and the Entertainment Industry said farewell to one of the best to ever promote NYC music "Jason Bourne aka Basquiat Mind".

If he wasn't writing a dope article, he was hosting a Military Grind Concert, or Lawyers & Labels, or just holding a dope press day for artist. He Loved his Family. He loved hip hop. He loved putting people on and he loved sharing that knowledge. He would sit down with a old head quick and soak up all the game and put it right to use. What an amazing young man.

One of the most impactful interviews he did for HLM Media/ Military Grind Series was with Hip Hop artist "Haddy Racks" as he discusses his music career.

Please check it out and share. Thank you

(RIP) JasonBourne (We Love you Bro)

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