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Recording artist T-Quest releases Two New Singles “Indulge & Waddup”.

Check out the two hit singles by recording artist T-Quest “Indulge & Waddup” She brings you the seductive sweetness and turns around and gives you that east coast street heat.

~T-Quest~ “My song Indulge was inspired by two people in love. As a woman you should be with a mate you feel comfortable with, someone that makes you feel beautiful and free in your own body. So free that you want them to have fun while indulging into your inner icing. You crave them, you desire them and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” “Writing Waddup was fun for me. I work in many fields of the industry, and I was so consumed by

it that many forgot that I’m an artist as well. This single is reminding people that I'm still here & I still have bars. I may be a sweetheart, but I can still handle myself. ~T-Quest~


So far, these two different yet amazing singles have been getting much acclaim, a lot of great responses and are in heavy rotation. It’s time for you to check them out for yourself. You can purchase the songs on www. GottaLoveMeWorld.com/music or stream them on all digital platforms under T-Quest and the song titles “Indulge” & “Waddup”.

Please follow T-Quest on all social media platforms @TQuestGLM & download the T-Quest App in your google play store and your app store,

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