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Pro Basketball star Everett Osborne Launches New Apparel Line

Brand Evolving is a way of life that focuses on improving every day. As life continues to move forward, so should we. Every garment is created to uplift, inspire and empower

Pro Basketball star Everett Osborne has announced he has just launched a new line of apparel with a special message: "Brand Evolving is a lifestyle brand that integrates style and aesthetics to ignite character development and inspiration to humanity. Through motivational discourse, community outreach, products, and services. Brand Evolving seeks to uplift, inspire, and empower all." Brand Evolving believes trials are inevitable and temporary and can be overcome through perseverance. Pivotal to reaching one's fullest potential, one must sustain perseverance by consistently visualizing overcoming such obstacles. Seeing what's yet to be revealed creates a level of faith and belief in yourself that allows you to keep going.

Everett Osborne is an actor, model and motivational speaker as well as being a pro basketball player. Born in Los Angeles Everett attended Palisades High School, and went on to play college ball for The University Of Texas, Rio Grande Valley. Before going from palisades to a division 1 university on scholarship (only 2% in the world do) Everett took an unconventional route and played junior college in south-central at la trade tech. Fast forward.. Everett's talents have lead him across the world to Australia where he has established himself as a true profession. You've seen him in tv commercials; catching a pass from LeBron James and slamming it home. Everett Osborne attributes his success to the ability to persevere: to endure, to adapt and to push through. Everett has not had as easy a path as others. He has been the victim of bullying and neglect by those who should have been mentors. He's been knocked down a number of times. Through his frustration, Everett persevered. That perseverance led to his eventual successes. The accumulation of goals achieved lead Everett to create Brand Evolving where focusing on improving everyday is a way of life. On the path to greatness, obstacles are inevitable and Brand Evolving, an extension of Everett Osborne's testimony, seeks to ignite the tenacity to endure in everyone.

From shorts and t-shirts to sweatpants and hoodies and even masks, Brand Evolving is a line of apparel for everyone regardless of race, religion, or gender identification. Each garment is designed to empower and uplift. The current catalog is available online at:


Brand Evolving loves to collaborate with anyone ready to get to the next level. Send an email and we'll arrange a time to connect the dots.

Brand Evolving supports Black Lives Matter and other groups that seek to create awareness. Recently Brand Evolving released a "Pushing Through Obstacles Collection 2020" inspired by the turbulence we all have endured during this year. In a time where people feel like the times are getting worse.. this collection provides inspiration to keep going because breakthrough is coming. Proceeds from this collection will be donated to charity targeted towards suicide prevention.

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