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Press Release: Theories & Thoughts Podcast is back for Season 2.


Arnya T.M. Davis


Theories & Thoughts Podcast is back for Season 2

The Second Season of Magic has Arrived

Theories and Thoughts Podcast explores the magic that happens when two aspiring Black

women come together and share on life, business, love, news, and all the taboo subjects in

between. Some of the first season’s notable guests are Jay “King Jay” Barnett, WFAA anchor TaShara Parker, renowned podcast hostess Chenese Lewis, founder of The Black Man Can Brandon Frame, and filmmaker DeMarcus Bailey.

Theories and Thoughts is an extension of SwagHer Magazine and Media and has over 15k

viewers on Facebook. The hostesses, Editor in Chief, Francheska “Fancy” Felder of SwagHer Magazine and Media and CEO of LadiCEO, Arnya T.M. Davis are excited to continue creating a safe space for honest dialogue.

The podcast was created to bring interesting and intelligent dialect that women talk about

behind closed doors in many cases to the forefront. The show was designed to bring

everyone into the conversation. The idea stemmed from conversations that Fancy and Arnya have on a daily basis, surrounding, relationships, mental disorders, entertainment, etc.

Viewers can watch live on the SwagHer Facebook page, every Tuesday at 7 pm CST and

again on SwagHer’s or LadiCEO Media’s YouTube channel or catch the podcast on Spotify,

Google Podcast.

Theories and Thoughts is being produced to bring everyday “girl talk” to the mainstream.

Arnya and Fancy mutually respect one another but do not always agree. Their opposing

views and open-mindedness makes for an interesting dynamic but also shows that two

individuals do not always have to agree to be friends.

Theories and Thoughts Podcast second season debuts on February 2, 2021, at 7 pm CST.

SwagHer Magazine and Media is a lifestyle, cultural, empowerment magazine and media

source both online and print. SwagHer Magazine started as an information source for women but after seeing there was a need for the presence of Black women supporting Black men, we soon turned our focus to uplifting the Black community as a whole. SwagHer later adopted the tagline, Our Stories, Our Struggles, Our Success, as a way of saying, By us For Us. As a prominent media source for our community, we share stories that matter to us, that uplift and celebrate US.

View replays at https://swagher.net/category/lifestyle/theories-thoughts/

Watch live at http://www.facebook.com/SwagHerMagazine

For more information or questions on how to be a sponsor, product placement, or show ideas, please email theoriesandthoughts@ladiceo.com


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