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[NEWS] Music Streaming Platform rebrands itself and Creates Major Opportunities for Artists

Once relatively unknown music streaming platform and entertainment website, E Legendz has been around for several years, however after recently rebranding their image, revamping the site's various functions and refocusing the mission of the business, the site has quickly become one of the most popular websites in the urban entertainment space for 2022.

E Legendz prides itself on being one of the rare music streaming sites that provides quality music, an easy to navigate format and best of all, no annoying pop ads and endless commercials. To top it all off, E Legendz also has no membership fees (as of now) so new music lovers are welcome to enjoy the site to its full capabilities without dishing out a monthly subscription bill in order to do so.

The website also creates new opportunities for rising indie artists looking to garner more exposure for their music and brand. E Legendz provides contests, cash prizes, giveaways, and several music marketing service packages that guarantee more plays for the artists' music. As of now, Mr. David Bristol, the creator and CEO of The E Legendz website is diligently working on a way that artists could monetize their music with the site but in a way that will provide more bang for their buck as well as more money per listens / streams. Keep checking back here on The VIP Section as well as the official E Legendz website for updates and more details concerning their plans to assist artists with making more money per streams.


Popular media mogul, Internet personality and prominent businesswoman Tenai Stalely has recently signed on to become somewhat of the brand's spokesmodel to aid the esteemed music platform with creating even more awareness and to enroll more members! Visit Tenai on IG and Youtube at the links below



Tenai talks about the E Legendz website below.

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