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New York City Educator and son Releases Children's Book Called “Daddy Has Cancer”.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

A New York City Educator and her son looks to inspire BIPOC Men to pay attention to their health through a little boy's perspective of losing his Dad to Cancer.

38-year-old Fabian Williams lost his battle with rectal cancer leaving behind his grieving family and 4 yr old son. 5 years later, 21-year veteran teacher, Sharon Coggins and their now 10 yr old son Fabian Amin transformed their grief into a children's book to spark healing conversations about mental health, cancer, and losing a loved one. In their first book together, this mother-son duo shares their experience of a little boy witnessing his dad’s long battle and devastating ending with Cancer.

“All the grownups said I was too little to understand, but I knew my daddy was not the same.”

Fabian Amin was a normal four-year-old living in New York City with his family until he started noticing some changes with his father. His dad isn't playing with him like he used to and doesn't seem to have the energy to do anything. Confused by the changes in his father, he learns that cancer is slowly taking his father's life. His mother has long talks with her son about the changes. Through love and understanding, they begin the healing process together.

Does someone you love have a terminal illness and you need to explain it to your child?

Told with heartfelt concern and understanding, this story will connect any reader with the difficult reality of losing a loved one to disease and offers families a gentle way to explain the deterioration to a young child. Share this story of the connection between a child and a father in transition. Heal from the shared experience of reading together.



Fabian Amin Williams, is a fun-loving, friendly 10-year-old. He loves being outdoors, traveling, riding his bike, and making new friends. Despite the loss of his father, Fabian Amin has a great perspective of life and is always ready for adventure.

Sharon Coggins was born in Guyana and raised in New York City. Her life took an unexpected turn when she lost her husband to cancer. This proud mother of four was forced to confront a new reality she neither understood nor anticipated. The duo hopes that by sharing their experiences others will find their own path to healing.

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