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New Release: LOVE IS BLIND | Wanly Florexile’s latest movie is OUT NOW on Amazon Prime Video

Out Now: LOVE IS BLIND on Amazon Prime Video

New York, NY -- Independent Haitian filmmaker Wanly Florexile is on a roll with another Amazon Prime Video debut. His latest movie Love is Blind is now available via the on-demand streaming service. The Brooklyn based actor, writer, director, and producer flexes his creativity and breaks boundaries in developing an action-packed storyline with a romantic bent.

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Vengeance and mayhem build the plot line paired with characters in memorable roles making for a stellar combination. Actors Jonathan Duran and Rodney Yates, along with Florexile, engage the audience with their emotional delivery. The urban drama is captivating and compelling as things heat up in a twisted scene, ranging from passion-fueled to hate-filled and everything in between. Watch the movie: Love Is Blind on Amazon Prime Video

Wanly’s breakout film, Brooklyn Fever, helped define his career and knack for including flashbacks and zoom-ins throughout his body of work. Earlier this year his movie The Consequence, a poetic story about a struggling farmer from Haiti that explores variance in lifestyle and culture, was also released via Amazon Prime. For all the latest straight from the source, stay tuned to Wanly Florexile on Instagram @wanlee101. # # #

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