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Musical Artist Kassandra Dasent releases her single, “Be Still”.

Kassandra Dasent recently released her single, “Be Still” on CD Baby, and on every major platform (Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, TikTok, and iHeart Radio).

“This single is very close to my heart,” explains Dasent. “The racial tension, the loss of life – the convergence of things happening together at the moment – this song speaks to what is happening right now.”

The single is catchy, with a melodious beat influenced by Dasent’s cultural upbringing. The lyrics conjure hope, pain, inspiration. “This is a message [of hope, of healing, of pain] and I wanted to share it with my fans to let them know, I understand their pain, because I’ve experienced it too,” says Dasent.

Dasent does not shy away from the uncomfortable, and difficult to articulate, topics of pain and sadness. The song is a tribute to her mother, who died last August. And through her music, Dasent embarked on a healing journey.

Born in San Juan, Trinidad, with chutney, soca and calypso in her blood, Dasent, who also writes her own songs, grew up in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). She performed as a solo artist and vocalist in festivals, from Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso) to Montreux (Switzerland), as well as in galas, television shows, and concerts.

She performed with the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, Groupe Spaïcy and Groupe Iba, and with a choir that performed for her Majesty, the Queen of England. Dasent has co-written and collaborated on numerous tracks for other artists worldwide. She appeared as a singer in several feature films, the most recent being I’m Not There, a musical biopic of Bob Dylan.

In 2011, Dasent released a successful album, Road To Rebellion, and took an extended, 10 year sabbatical. After years of working as a project manager and, recently, financial expert, she has now come full circle with her this new single, “Be Still.”


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