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Indie Label PURE Records is searching for the next big artist.

Indie Label CEO's Joseph Easly, Rafael McKensie and James Waldron are all proud air Force Veterans who served a combined total of close to 50 years, so when it comes to the music industry they know how to keep things in order and running smoothly.

The trio recently cleared their artist roster to give them a fresh start with some of today's hardest working talents. With some major opportunities in the works, Pure Records is about to make some noise.


We wanted to take the time to introduce you to one of the CEO's Mr. Joseph Easly, who spoke about his passion for the business and how people can join their brand. Check out the interview below.

What started your love for music ?

My love started when I was 2 years old and would hear my parents playing Marvin Gaye, The Temptations , Michael Jackson and during the late 80's with artist like Bobby Brown and New Edition who I use to impersonate. I can not forget the Hip Hop influence Ice Tea, Kwame and many other artist. Before I knew my ABC's I knew lyrics to songs including the curse words. I liked the way music made me feel and the different stories created it was poetry in art form.

How did you come about PURE Records?

P.U.R.E Records came about from being a fan admiring the previous predecessors who shaped the culture as we know it. The artist that made us fall in love with the grind, challenges , poetry, and success. I was inspired by Sean Combs, Suge, Russel Simmons and Barry Gordy so I wanted to follow their blueprint and make history that the World can respect.  I sat with my now partners to discuss the idea and found our they shared the same passion dealing with music and the industry so the rest is history.

What is the vision for the label ?

Our vison is to reach, teach and to resemble the culture. The importance of having purpose , unity, the reality walks of life under the ethos of any brother's keeper.  Pure Records will deliver unique and timeless music from past generations infused with the music of today with original substance that's missing in the industry.  Be The Culture

What are hi's and low's of establishing this label?

We have been in attendance and performances for the BET Awards 2019 as well as other awards shows in Miami. We also kicked off the New Year in Brazil where we were able to showcase talent from the label at a major event in the area.

The lows have been misunderstandings of the business process by the artists we have signed. Dealing with an indie label we deal with unrealistic success goals, family expectations and negative outside influencers. We also encounter lace of patience and integrity artist who fail to show up for big moments due to either pride or fear of success.  It is important for an indie label not to enable certain behaviors for dollars and accept the things we can not change. Handle what you can and move on.

How can people find you to submit talent?

Please visit us at: www.purerecordsmusic.com

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