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Homestead Entertainment Releases Seventeen Movies Now Streaming on Tubi

In a Record-breaking Release Weekend, Homestead Entertainment Releases Seventeen Movie Titles from All Genres of Movies -- Just in Time for the Holidays BIPOC Independent Films Will Debut on Tubi, A Fox Entertainment Company

Partnerships with Dame Dash Studios, Triwen Productions, CBA Films, and more lead the way in this weekend of film releases. Homestead Entertainment is closing the 2021 year with a movie slate of seventeen all-new movie premieres through Tubi. December 17-19, 2021, will kick off the Holiday Movie Binge for movie watchers. Seventeen films will release this weekend that range from Horror to Faith Based films. Highlighting the various aspects of life and intersecting where viewers can experience the multifaceted lives of characters is the focus of the company.

Just In Time For Christmas:

Homestead Entertainment and CBA Studios presents the holiday movie, Ayanna Shon's Christmas Hypnosis starring Rodney Perry (Rodney Perry - IMDb , https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1351490/ , IG Rodney Perry IG , Shod Santiago ( SHOD SANTIAGO (@shodsantiago) • Instagram photos and videos), Shod Santiago IG/ , CelebrityTray Chaney(Tray Chaney - IMDb), Tray Chaney IMDB ,Trae Ireland (Trae Ireland - IMDb ),Trae Ireland IMDB , Navv Greene (Navv Greene - IMDb ) https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7696276/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 , IG# Navv Greene IG , and introducing Monique Johnson (Monique Johnson - IMDb ), Monique Johnson IMDB.

What’s done in the dark seems to always come to light and this Christmas will be no different. This dramedy is following the journey of Nikki, a habitual stoner facing the chronicles of turning 30 all while enduring the pressure of starting a family from her overzealous mother and boyfriend. A fed-up Nikki agrees to foster the lie of being pregnant with her pretentious boyfriend. A little white lie transcends to a colorful adventure when Nikki is having problems conceiving and per Doctor's request, has to stop smoking weed in order to enhance her chances of getting pregnant by Christmas.


When the family's faith is challenged with life altering circumstances, they are forced to learn the true me

Starring: Andre Pitre, Mariah Goodie, Aaron Phillips, Kedrin Birdwell, Steven Scott, Humphrey Brown, Liz Vaughn, Yamisse, Marcus Freeman, Lori Taylor-Ledet, Michael Williams.

Directed by: Andre Pitre and Written by Charnele Brown


Scotland was in desperate need of a different kind of drug and Knight was the perfect remedy. Knight’s fiancé Lennon and numerous other obstacles stand in their way. Ripped and torn into a million little pieces, Scotland fights her way through jealousy, lies and betrayal hoping she’ll be able to piece the parts of her tattered heart back together again.

Starring Cast includes but not limited to Donald Brumfield Jr. @bishop__don , MMG Artist, Devin "Yowda" White,@1yowda, Kristin Clark, @kristclarkeee and Robyn Rose @robynrose , Mena Monroe, Terri Partyka, Tubio Bethards, Shane Shiloh, Sarah Evalt, David Ragin, Velda Hunter, Denise Emilia Sandulescu, Dan Schmidt, Janine Williams, Carl Deadrick, Edward 'Eddie Kane' Knighton, Sasha Jackson, Cedrick J. Williams, Sofia Emilia Napau, Brittany 'Lux' Alexander, Tiffany Slabough, Fred Buchalter, Sabree Whitfield, Demetrius Roberts, Lynn Howard, Lynn Howard, Enrich Purry, Khadir Holden, Shawn Jones, Scrattie Bigatti, Steven Bigatti, Jade Michael Siebert, Pedro Morales, Daniel Acosta Sr., Pedro Morales, Terrence C. Ward, Michele K Butcher, Alphonso Settle, Chares Hughes, John Williams, Latia Matthews, Leslie Jamez, Ciara Craven, Mason Evitts, Shelby Bradley, Payton Pinkston and Amaya Johnson.

Directed by: Dennis L. Reed II


LeLe and four of her closest friends decide to go on a weekend getaway. They get more than they bargained for as each lady, one-by-one comes up missing.


Pieces of a Dream

Four uniquely intertwined stories involving: a priest seeking truth, a young mother seeking redemption, an artist seeking love, and a young boy seeking acceptance; weigh in on the age old moral question---"Does sin have weight?"



With enemies, you know what it is. With friends, it's not always what it seems.

Adrian Toscano Kyah Baby, Nicole Campbell, Cynthia Charles



When local business / CON man TJ get locked up on scam charges, his employees decide to run operations still using his schemes. Starring : Zaytoven, Al Nuke, Migos, Dj Scream, Trinidad James. Directed by Al Nuke



Michael's life without boundaries takes him down a path of pleasure and pain as his girlfriend grows tired of his infidelity. Starring: Eric Michael, Charda Jameson, Chelsie Sutherland, Corey Houser, Leslie Jordan, Mikaela Armstead, Anaia Hawkins, Nijah McMillan. Directed by Eric Michael


Birds of a Feather

Zaytoven still finds himself stuck in the middle of being a mainstream producer fighting for the #1 spot while keeping his principles intact. Starring: Annetta Asia Mion Brooks, Nicole Burgess, Johnnie Cabbell . Directed by: Curtis Franklin


Bigger Than the Game

A coach finds himself at a perpetual cross-roads as he strives to take his team to national championship Starring: Trick Trick, Rockey Black, Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley, DeMaris Harvey, Young Buck. Directed by: Janaya Black



A young, hip-hop A&R falls in love with a seemingly perfect woman but eventually must decide if he's willing to accept her colossal baggage. Starring: Tasha Steven Muldrow, Guyviaud Joseph, Yvette Williams, Cory Saint-Laurent. Directed by: Greg Cally.


3 Keys

A cocky idiotic social media influencer KEYjoy's luxurious life style has quickly changed since her boyfriends incarceration. She is forced to return to her worst nightmare, a ghetto neighborhood in Detroit. With a string of financial downfalls KEYjoy has 24 hours to return a key of cocaine to get her boyfriend out of trouble.

Starring: Mena Monroe, Terricka Byers, Jackpot the Juice, Momma Dee, Kaamel Hasaun. Directed by: Kaamel Hasaun


Reality Terror Night

Five sexy young girls stalked by a vicious killer in a haunted house.

Starring: Katherine Norland, Liana Mendoza, Martin Kove Directed by: Al Bravo


When Does it Stop

After a series of Chicago neighborhood gang events, Terrance realizes that moving away may not be such a bad idea after all but will it be too late?

Starring: Keante Smtih, Durrell Parchman, Johnell Pommier, Xavier Lofton, Suless Burton, Raheem Allen, Raven Doss, Jeremy Jones, Jerrold Mason, Gijuan Haynes, Malik Northern, Lawrence White, Kymea McThune, Clarence R Duff, Keisha Johnson, Dakeesha Peoples, Aubrey Wood, Corey Anderson, Congressman Danny Davis, Van Johnson, Diane Rozalyn Prince, James Ford, Jerry Coleman, Cold hard, Marina Pullum, William Jefferson

Directed by: Suless Burton



An incarcerated former boxer tries to reconnect with his daughter only to find out she is just as stubborn as him. Lost in the foster care system, we follow this teen as she navigates the relationships, she has with her father figures and discovers that it is never too late to find yourself. Directed by: Maurice Paramore


9 Stacks

This fiction Dramedy tells how Randy gets caught up in a business fraud transaction and Now, he's questioning whether he should do the right thing.

Starring: Maurice Mack, Will Bennett, Tamara Jewel, Tiffany Mitchell, Jason Wimberly

Directed by: Steve Horn

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