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Hip Hop artist Durtyflow's new video "Manic Depressive" takes on Mental Health in Impo

Without Healthcare the poor are left to self Medicate and the results can be deadly.

Manic Depressive Video

Accomplished hip-hop artist Durty Flow recently released a groundbreaking new single off his new Mood Swings EP, called Manic Depressive. The album takes you through the many peaks and valleys associated with the mood swings of the disturbed mind untreated. What happens to someone who is struggling with their roiling mental states, when they can’t afford good healthcare, prescription copays, or access to a private doctor?

"Mood Swings" Album link:

Manic Depressive is an exploration of what these individuals undergo when they are left alone with their deepest nightmares. Durty Flow draws on his innate strengths and talents to depict the conflict within—which many individuals must experience in isolation. These people may seek elusive relief with cannabis, CBD, prescription pills or other drugs, but always their darkest impulses eventually surface, with devastatingly destructive effects. This new single takes you into the mindset of the manic depressive and establishes Durty Flow as an introspective artist, unafraid to explore subjects we often prefer to back away from. As part of the Mood Swings EP, Manic Depressive sets the tone for a unique listening experience you won’t soon forget.


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