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Hip Hop artist Amillie heats up the summer with new single "Foreign". Check out the interview here.

BTW, This is TheVIPSectionTV Approved. We waiting for the video on this one.

Tell us about who you are?

My name is amillie I’m 23 now from the city outside of Boston.

What do you bring to the Hip Hop Industry?

I’ll bring a certain sound that people have never heard before. Not a lot of people in Boston,(Massachusetts) has the opportunity to showcase inside the music industry. A lot of people do music around here and I feel like the same cadence of sound that I have this new to the table that no one’s ever heard before

Your sound is unique but define your music to those who do not know you?

My music is a collection of lyrics, melody, and feelings. I want to take you on a journey and have you understand from my point of you everything I’m going through. I also showcase my talent and demonstrate kind of the old ways of hip-hop by listening to the metaphors lyrics and words behind the song. 

What is your favorite part of creating a song?

Either think of something creative that catches the ear or the finished product. 

You have been called a lyrical assassin how do you feel about the pressure of that ?

No pressure. It just means I’m doing something right and I gotta keep going. 

When writing when do you know that you have a potential hit?

The reaction everyone gives after hearing the song the first 7 seconds determines that. 

What are you currently looking to do with your music and career?

Be the best version of me and really cement myself in the industry

How can you be found ?

Can you find me on Apple Music and Spotify amillie

IG: amillie_official 

SoundCloud: amillie Official

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