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From Spiritual Journey to Spiritual Journalist Madison Jaye Goes Viral with Tedx Talks.

Madison Jaye is an international media personality, noted TEDx speaker & 11-time award-winning journalist. Specializing in Spirituality and Media Advisement Madison’s self-titled podcast “The Madison Jaye Show” is now on Iheart Radio and is in partnership with Pandora.

Madison has worked with some of the top celebrities & business professionals in the world such as Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Oprah, Rihanna, Estelle, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Fatman Scoop and more. Additionally, Jaye has spoken and or taught in over 25 different countries and is also a seven published author including her latest five-volume healing thesaurus ‘ The Like A Chakra Goddess Healing Thesaurus” assisting other build their spirituality and/or heal through the spiritual medicine of food, crystals, baths, chakras, and dreams.

Volumes Titles: Eat like A Chakra Goddess, Crystals like A Chakra Goddess, Bathe like A Chakra Goddess, Chakras like A Chakra Goddess, and Dreamlike A Chakra Goddess.

Digital Marketing and PR expert, Madison taught her Social Media 101 course at the esteemed Columbia University. Jaye is responsible for pioneering the digital touring strategy. Now, a student at Harvard Business , she has created or aided digital campaigns for McDonald’s, Lifetime Network, Honda, One Direction, Maybelline Cosmetics, and more. Madison also works hand in hand with community leaders toward inner city redevelopment, supporting the youth in New Jersey. Madison believes in helping others create lanes for their purpose no matter what walk of life they are from.

Jaye believes everyone has a mission and by working with integrity you receive the biggest blessings in your purpose. Jaye enjoys and plans to continue sharing both spiritual and digital resources from her background that have taught her how to make hobbies from her everyday life such as traveling, reading, and appreciating nature, a part of her job. Madison describes vision as the light inside of you that sparks the idea of purpose. Jaye's mission in life is to assist people in finding what they were put on Earth to do by connecting with others with diverse spiritual beliefs.

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