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Founder of The Authors World, Michael Pellegrino creates new platform for readers to connect.

Michael Pellegrino, Founder of The Authors World is building a platform to be shared on a global basis and to bring readers and authors together by creating a global community. The overall concept of TheAuthorsWorld.Com is to give people a voice on a global platform. Michael wants readers from all over the world to be part of a community that will give them a chance to express their voice with other readers. At the same time, he wants authors to also have a global platform to share their work with readers from all over the world. The way that traditional publishing houses have always done business has changed dramatically. There are not many brick and mortar bookstores left and that has changed the way people buy books and interact with each other. In today’s new climate there is a giant void in the literary world. The void is human interaction, especially for those that are true book lovers.

The passion and commitment at The Authors World will be showcased in an impactful way by incorporating the human factor and making The Authors World’s global community feel that they have a strong sense of comfort and connection to their community at TheAuthorsWorld.Com.

Pellegrino has recently been featured in Hustle and Soul Magazine, BIZBoost News, Heart of Hollywood Magazine, OnMogul, Brainz Magazine, and more!

Learn more about The Authors World and stay tuned for more news about The Authors World Podcast and merch by visiting https://theauthorsworld.com/

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