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"Fashion Designer Khamari Frazier On Being The Rising Celebrity Designer From Atlanta"

The rising entrepreneur, Khamari Frazier is an immensely talented fashion designer. At a

young age Khamari knew she was destined to step into the fashion industry. The Khamari

Frazier Brand is a creative designer of clothing, purses, jewelry all in which are made in

Atlanta, Georgia. Khamaris brand has been seen on such celebrities such as Jaylin Fletcher from Law & Order & Model Madison Red little Missy. Every design she creates is

manufactured with a unique creativity in mind.

Adding to her celebrity, Khamari covered the August 2021 cover of Eternally Nineteen

Magazine. She was also a celebrity kid selected to be on the Yes Honey Collective panel at

the Gathering Spot in Atlanta. The panel was orchestrated to highlight young CEO's on their

rise in fame and success. As well, has been featured on Femi Magazine, MadisonJaye.com,

Vocal, Medium, Fashion Gxd Magazine, LWL Magazine, and Enspire Magazine. Khamari

made an appearance on the Hip Hop Harry Show and was selected as a social media influencer for The BET 2021 Awards.

Khamari continues to keep God first and always prays despite the circumstances. Having

perseverance and staying the course no matter how many obstacles she has faced.

Khamari is a firm believer in trusting the process & allowing room for her to grow while learning from mistakes. Her potential clients can purchase from the Khamari Frazier Brand.

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