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Entertainment artist "DurtyFlow" talks New Mixtape & acting beside Love & HipHop's "Nikki Natural".

For Hip Hop artist DurtyFlow Recording most of his music with Slip N Slide DJ 5053 of NFL/Ree Money Productions was a sound bet for him, because DJ 5053, dropped numerus mixtape projects and went on to promote tracks with such artist as Swazy Baby (Slip N Slide Records), Persia (White Rapper Show), Shawnna (DTP Records) and Young Joc (Block Entertainment). The team just linked back up again to drop his new mixtape called "The Miss-Tape".

Continuing on his musical journey, DurtyFlow signed with Pioneer Records and put out the Album “DurtyWorld” produced by Multi-Platinum Producer Aundre Triple-A Atkins, who's current catalog consist of such artist as Dave East, Mozzy, Offset, Keyshia Cole, DJ Khaled, Tory Lanez, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, R Kelly, Nipsey Hussle, Redman, Styles P, Joell Ortiz, Papoose, Uncle Murda, Vado, Trey Songz, Sexxy Lexxy, Jim Jones, Murda Mook, Ghostface Killah and More.

Currently DurtyFlow has now started his own entertainment company ( Durty DollaZ Ent), which believes in artist management and development. He has also signed a new deal with Native Son/Sony Records/Orchard and cousin label Skollaz Entertainment, to help guide Durty DollaZ Ent.'s career. He is also a current brand ambassador for Luc Belaire Luxe, Philly Black Bottle. Adding to his talents, he started acting and found himself acting in a new GeecheeOne film alongside Love and Hip hop Miami's Nikki Natural. He is currently managed by MNS Media Group, a celebrity Public Relations/Management group.

We had a chance to interview him recently, here's what he had to say.

What drove you to this field? Music has always been around me since birth, disco, blues, gospel, r&b, and rap all were instrumental in my upbringing, I wasn’t more driven to it, I emerged in it. What is your creative process like? Easy, I live a little, socialize with my peers and others to keep up on what’s current. Process all of the information, then it’s just finding the right beat to convey my message, pretty much making a soundtrack to the life around me. Where have you performed? Do you have any upcoming shows? From New York to Georgia and damn near every state in between, as of future shows, I’m coming out with some new projects. Been performing at “The Cantina” locally in York, Pa, to stay sharp until my new projects come out, (The MissTape, and a possible album in the works) once the songs/projects are ready, I’ll be like “Where’s Waldo”, hard to keep up with, lol !! Where do you see yourself in the future with this career? I’m acting and I dabble with some sketch comedy, so I see myself etching out a lane that’s unique for me, and mastering it, so I see myself as a mainstay in the entertainment business. Have you ever toured and if so tell us about the experience? When you've been in the game as long as me it is hard to keep up with all the past tour dates, but the experience is indescribable, not for me but for the new/potential fans, lol! I step on any stage like I own it, and when I’m done with my set, the reaction I get makes it all worth it!! But I love touring, the road trip is the best part of the job!! How would you describe the music you create? My music is relatable to everyone, I try to be a pure artist and talk about what needs to be talked about, rather than what everyone wants to talk about. I make “Real” music with subject matter, and great material! How much have you grown as an artist? Musically I have grown into my sound, being able to switch the cadence to ride the new wave a little but stay true to my fans, I would say I have grown tremendously. What is your biggest weakness? My biggest weakness would be my harmony pitch on certain songs I create, I hear it but can’t quite execute them all the time, so I would say it would have to be my pitch. What is the one message you would give to your fans? My message to my fans would be thank you for continuing to support me and my endeavors. I’m truly grateful for everyone of y’all!! How are you different from others in this industry? I bring a nostalgic flow with a broad mindset, I’m able to touch on topics they may overlook. I’m competitive, and I'm always trying to be better and out do myself !! We love Uncle Gene, tell us about him? Uncle Gene… where do I start! Uncle Gene is a character I created from all the strong black men in my upbringing. He’s everybody's uncle!! Sharp, witty, and funny, but he don'’t take no mess lol !! You just recently signed to Skollaz/Native Son/Sony/Orchard, tell us how that came about? Native Son has been nothing but supportive when it came to me as an artist, we’re more family than anything. When they told me about the Sony/Orchard deal I was hype, when they told me we will be merging with Skollaz Ent. I was ecstatic!! We have always respected Skollaz Ent. drive and commitment, when I recorded the “The Mood Swing Reloaded” album at Skollaz studios, all of our bonds strengthened. We talked about possibly merging the two entities. The future is here now, and it’s looks brighter than ever, we crossed our T’s and dotted the I’s, now we are here !! You have countless music videos, how is it making your own videos? I love being apart of the process that goes into making videos, I’m not camera shy, so it’s easy for me, plus I stand behind my music and my brand!! It’s the best feeling being able to take your audio and bring it to life with a visual. We actually hear you just worked on a new one the other day. What song is that for? We just shot “Bar Talk” video, that’s my next single! I love working with my lil bro Donis Rice CEO of “SWANNEY VISUALS”, he’s got the right equipment, the knowledge, and imagination you need to get your message across visually!! Please leave us with your social media handles. You can reach me on any social media platform under the moniker: darealdurtyflow Facebook: @darealdurtyflow Instagram: @darealdurtyflow TikTok: @darealdurtyflow Snapchat: @darealdurtyflow

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