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DC's Shogun Returns! Cooley announces new project and video!

Led by the lead single While Waiting to Die, Cooley has released a new lyric video to support the single visually. Having become desensitized to death by way of life simply growing up black in America, Cooley romanticizes the inevitability of his own death. From how it happens to how the funeral will go, Cooley embraces the idea of dying before 25. His perspective is that if death comes at any given Sunday, then you should live a life to be remembered by, for hood legends never die. 


Cooley speaks on what he is focusing on during this pandemic and about the lead single. During this time, I’m focusing on self-development. I do things like meditate, read, and play Apex to keep my mind up, go online to find different workouts and do slight walks to keep the body going, and write and communicate with family and friends to keep the spirit strong.


“While Waiting To Die” is one of my favorite pieces on the project “WW2D”. Dying young was so normal when I was coming up, my friends and I would romanticize about our deaths and even our funerals. It’s not like we were looking to die, but after seeing or hearing about it happen to someone your age or younger everyday, you become kind of numb to the seemingly inevitable. Moreover, it introduces the idea that “if imma die ANYWAY, I might as well..”, the ironic beginning to our ends.


About Cooley:  Hailing from Northeast Washington D.C., The tenacious emcee/vocalist Cooley combines his life experiences and perception of the world in order to create quality music that reaches the listener past entertainment. Influenced by the likes of Method Man, Mos Def, and Biggie Smalls, Cooley tells stories with the intent to give perspective to listeners on different topics in order to provoke the listener to face their own lives head on.


Follow Cooley:  www.instagram.com/cooley47music/ https://www.facebook.com/cooley47music

Stream While Waiting to Die https://smarturl.it/WhileWaitingToDie

Visit his website at http://Cooley47music.com


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