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Celebrity Photographer Mello Andrews shows off his come back after surviving Covid-19

Mello Andrews is family to us here at The VIP Section TV. So many of our accomplishments were connected to him and his celebrity photography studio. Mello has shot Reality Stars, Superbowl Champs and Legends in their fields and always remained humble.

From Swizz Beatz music videos to celebrity fashion events, the Iconic Prince Street Studios was synonymous with celebrity entertainment . Mello tells us he has even bigger plans to continue to grow his brand. He recently released a project with Korey Wise (Central Park Jogger case), and due to the virus had to put it on pause. We are excited for this new chapter in his life and look forward to reading the new issue of Full Blossom Magazine.


Yesterday, Mello posted a statement on his Facebook page with the release of the Magazine. Well said Mello, Well Said.

To view a copy of the magazine please go to: www.fullblossommagazine.com

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