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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Charity Lynette shares Tips on Managing your health during Covid-19

Managing Covid-19 Realistically

I'm sure by now we have all read post and watched videos on how different people are managing their feelings and thoughts during this pandemic. I personally take the time to read watch what I can because it is very helpful and interesting to see the different ways we all are managing. I feel as though you can never have enough tips to draw from and try. We are almost two months into the stay at home order and honestly I have a certain level of gratitude and content mixed with irritation and annoyance. Mainly because of the things that are happening in my personal life that are making this whole situation surprisingly bearable. I'll only name one because as a New Yorker (or not) ya'll wont even need to hear the rest you will simply get it. So in December I moved to my very own apartment! Renting rooms for the past 8 years here and living in almost all of the boroughs has been a roller coaster clocking 7 moves in my first three years. I definitely have lived on my own before in Portland but something about getting your first solo apartment in New York just hits different. This has been probably one best things to help me deal with this quarantine. The times I have imagined being in any of my past living situations during this time is enough to make me have a panic attack. With that being said let me take you through the few things that have helped me keep my sanity.

I allow my self to feel however I'm feeling.

Even if its negative, sad, angry etc. But I absolutely will not STAY in that mindset. It is perfectly ok to be sad and feel worried we are actually going through a pandemic. We are hearing and seeing people die, not being able to see loved ones, and not being able move freely through this world as we once were. The feeling of uncertainty can almost be overwhelming for some. If you don't want to get out of bed then don't its perfectly ok to not be ok sometimes. But we can't let these feelings take long term residency in our thoughts. If your happy and the vibes are good then roll with that its also ok to be happy during this time as well. I'll let you in on how I feel guilty about some amazing things happening for me the past two months. I will down play my good news to certain people because it almost feels like I'm bragging especially when a lot of the world is grieving right now. Be mindful of what you are saying and to whom your saying it to.

Journaling. I don't write all day every day. But I date and time stamp my entries so that one looking back and being able to read exactly my thoughts and feelings on certain days will be very interesting and a part of history. Two getting thoughts out of my head helps with me overthinking and dwelling on topics. It's like once its out I don't have to revisit those feelings in my head as often and it helps me make room for more.

Speak positively and give thanks. It's so easy to complain about not being able to do what we normally would be doing or our missed trips, parties, etc. And its ok to be upset about these things but dwelling in them keeps you in a lower vibrational state. Start your day with giving thanks to whomever your belief system is but give thanks and gratitude for your situation. I think a lot of us could agree that things in our situation could be worse. I try and start my day by simply saying out loud the things that I am great full for. Whether its from bed, my workout, or while I'm making breakfast. Which could be 7 am some mornings or 12pm when I get my butt up. But putting out a voice of gratitude is also a mood booster

Get some Sun! Even on a cooler day it feels so good to have the sun on your face its exactly what the body needs and vitamin D will do wonders for your mood. Another piece of good news is I actually have a small back yard in the new place and I will go out there and just stand or sit early afternoon because that is when the sun isn't being blocked by a building.

Moving my body. A simple stretching and breathing routine will help keep the blood flowing and circulating the body more efficiently. As a personal trainer I have to add that a workout routine will most definitely add as mood booster as well helping the body not become sedentary. There are tons of fitness professionals using social networking to have workout sessions for a donation or free even. With so many of them putting out content that whenever you get bored you can always change the channel to someone else.

Do these things happen every single day at the same time like clock work.? Absolutely not. What keeps me coming back to these tips is how much I am aware of my mood and feelings when I do make the effort to participate. As someone who is viewed as highly motived and determined individual I feel that it is important that you all know that I don't feel that way all day every day. But I pride myself on being able to come out of that darker head space, pick myself up and get it together. I will say that there are days where I simply do not feel like my self and being that motivator that a lot of you know me as. And I know I'm not alone with those feelings I'm just choosing to share feelings and thoughts with you so you know its ok. Just in case you think I wake up every day with that Richard Simmons energy. Haha. Stay encouraged. Things are definitely going to be different but we know that part of life is continual change.


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