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Celebrity Brand Specialist Lauren "Bobby Pen" Williams Authors: 5 Principles to a Poppin' Brand

Updated: May 25, 2020

Ever wonder how the world's most recognizable brands attract and maintain their online communities? Learn the 5 social media tactics to establish brand authority from Lauren "Bobby Pen" Williams (Author).

You have unique experiences and the way you view the world sets you apart from anyone else. Your special gifts and abilities work together to impact our communities in a way only you can. In a lot of ways, your point of view is like a superpower.

When you infuse STRATEGY and PASSION into your superpowers, you will maximize the effectiveness of your impact and attract the people who want and need what you have to offer.

Whether you’re an individual or a major corporation, you can learn the tactics employed by our favorite consumer brands and social media influencers in the way they publish content online. There’s a reason you and millions of other people were moved to follow or subscribe.

This book will help you to DEVELOP your Identity, UNLOCK your Creativity, SHOWCASE your Relatability, REWARD your Consistency, DEMONSTRATE your Authority. I’ll even share with you popular examples in practice to study.

Bobby Pen at the Soul Train Awards in www.ShopOurGlass.com

Special Note from The VIP Section TV:

If you ever had a chance to work with Lauren "Bobby Pen" Williams, you know that she is the epidemy of never give up. I watch her connect her passion to everything she puts out. Bobby Pen is all about the growth. When we saw the title we knew you was in for a treat.

If you're at a stand still with your brand or interested in growth, then 5 Principles to a Poppin' Brand: is the book for you.


Book Link: Tiny.cc/PoppinBrandBook

Follow her on all platforms: @BobbyPen

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