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Carroll Fife is Fighting for the homeless & encourages others to join her in the Fair Housing Fight.

Carroll Fife Freedom Fighter Justice Activist | Fair Housing Advocate | Executive

Director of Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

You may recognize Carroll Fife as the face and voice in the media fighting for the "Moms 4 Housing" group that was evicted from an unoccupied home in Oakland, California. This effort to bring attention and awareness to the rising homeless issue in California has become the signature fight for Carroll. However, she is not new to fighting for justice and equality in Oakland.

Carroll Fife is an on-the-ground grassroots organizer, educator, and right-fighter that holds the line for racial justice and increased access to quality jobs, housing, and education for those who need them most. This 20-year Oakland resident and mother holds several leadership positions while she works to create a higher quality of life for the under-served populations in her city and beyond.

Tune in this Monday, May 4 at 2p ET/11a PT as Carroll Fife joins an all-star panel to discuss rent strikes taking place in response to COVID-19—and how the crisis has magnified the need for better national housing policy.

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