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Brick city's Own Prince Ak "Give Me A Light" video nears 20,000 views

Brickcity's Own Prince Ak Has Been Making Moves On The Underground Scene Since 2011 Being 1/3 Of The Group 050Boyz From Essex County Nj

He's Coming With No Gimmicks Just Charismatic Energy & Bars For The Street Hustlers & Rap Fanatics Even Your Everyday People He'll Even Make You Chuckle When Listening Lol

Prince Ak, Acts And Raps From HBOs OZ To Producing His Own Films Such As Zoo Starring Jermaine Hopkins, Tobias Trullivon JD Williams Mitchell Morgan Treach Doitall Myself & Others But Knowing Treach From Naughty By Nature & Doitall Du & Mr Funke From The Lords Of The Underground Inspired Me To Want To Open The Doors For My City Newark Nj


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Spotify link-https://open.spotify.com/track/55ZUiHLtMzhiJ6mTrknUGv

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