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Blapp App Helps Shoppers Easily Find and Support Black-Owned Businesses

Revolutionary new Black-owned app offers shoppers an optimized search engine to find and support Black-owned businesses both locally and online

In the wake of last summer’s racial unrest, many consumers and businesses made it a point to support more Black-owned businesses. Over the past year, searches on Yelp for Black-owned businesses across the country jumped 3,085%, according to a data analysis by Yelp. Yet consumers still find it difficult to find and support, Black-owned businesses. Specifically catering to Black-businesses, Blapp, the Black shopping app, launches today on the App Store.

Founded by comedian, entertainer and CEO of Laster Entertainment Jon Laster, the app was designed to directly connect customers to Black-owned businesses. Blapp consolidates the already existing information online about Black-owned companies. The app uses th

e Google and Etsy search APIs to surface existing Black-owned businesses in one easy-to-use and rewarding location.

While major search engines have made strides to make it easier to shop Black, they may not necessarily have the connections or the space to increase visibility for these businesses.

Laster him

self has struggled with finding Black-owned businesses to support online, and it is because of this that he decided to take matters into his own hands and create Blapp.

“As a comedian, I travel a lot,” said Laster. “I’m always looking to support Black-owned establishments. However; I can never find one centralized tool. With Blapp, my team and I created the app we have been searching for -- one that not only makes it easier to find Black businesses to support, but also intentionally drives up sales for Black business owners.”

For more information about Blapp, visit https://www.blappapp.com/ or find the app on both iOS and Android App Stores.

About Blapp

Blapp, the Black shopping app, was created to increase visibility of Black-owned businesses. Through the app, users can find a diverse range of Black-owned businesses both in their local area and online. Blapp was created by Brooklyn-based entrepreneur and entertainer Jon Laster. The app is available to download on both the iOS and Android App Stores and on www.blappapp.com.

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