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Artist Spotlight: Hip Hop artist CashKid in The VIP Section.

Recently we caught up with hip hop artist CashKid to see what all the hype was about and we must say, the music is fire. Check out this brief Q&A we did with the young up and coming artist.

Who is Cashkid ? I'm a young man from the small town of Pageland, South Carolina with a vision. Trying to make my dreams come true by expressing myself through my music.

What do you bring to the Hip  Hop Industry? I am aware that most artist say this but, diversity. My music is for everyone. I bring originality. Being myself and not trying to be like anyone else.  Sometimes you have to listen to the music feel the emotion that was present during the creation of the music. I think my music takes you there.

Your sound is unique but define your music to those who do not know you? If you don't know me then you don't know my struggles. Listen to my lyrics and you will know me. I got a story to tell and I know my music can inspire others who have struggled with some of the same problems I've had to over come. I express my feelings through my music. I don't talk much until I get on the mic. But I love the fans, so rock with me.

What is your favorite part of creating a song? I like to freestyle and just let it flow from the heart. I know there is different forms of freestyles. What might have been considered a freestyle in the late 80's early 90's mayn't be the same now. However, we have our own interpretations and my freestyle game is impeccable. #Salute the OG's

You have been called the hook assassin how do you feel about the pressure of that ? A little pressure but not to much cause I'm good at it and I'm always trying to make sure no one else can compete with my hooks. I put my all In my hooks to make sure I get your attention and pull you into the whole song. 

When writing when do you know that you have a potential hit? If I hear and get the right beat I already know it's gonna be a hit, Cause the lyrics just start to flow. And sometimes I surprise myself with my writing and my lyrics. I got a lot inside that has to come out.

What are you currently looking to do with your music and career? Be successful, keep taking it to the next level help my family . Just to be able to help others and my community. I wanna make my mom and dad proud. I wanna live good and not have to stress over money. 

How can you be found ? Instagram is - CashKidRu

Facebook- Cashkid Ru

YouTube, AudioMack

SnapChat- DrillGang- a old high school name. 

Any last words? Yeah, to all those affected by Covid-19 Our prays are with you and your loved ones. Keep your heads up. We will keep fighting the good fight.


Check out the latest video from Cashkid Ru

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