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Archduchess OF Divinity Inks Deal with Universal Music Group

Riding the success of her first hit single, the gospel star seeks to broaden her audience

After achieving worldwide recognition and critical acclaim, for her first single, "The Greatest Name in History," Archduchess of Divinity has signed a new deal with Universal Music group. Her music will now be distributed through Zarephath Enterprises, a gospel arm of the media giant.

The song, which was written by Walter and Dominique Frank, and originally released on Eddies Angle's Records, became an instant hit. "We are trying to create a new sub-genre, of Gospel music and reach a broad audience," said Walter Frank, "And Archduchess of Divinity has the charisma and talent to reach that audience." "We were not at all surprised when the major outlets came knocking."

The song itself, which also features gospel star Sabrina Whitley Robinson, has a very simple message and great hook. When reached for comment Archduchess of Divinity said, "I am very blessed at the success we have already achieved. The song is a joy to sing."

Archduchess of Divinity is looking to build on that success, with her second single, "Cry Out." which drops March 9, 2022.

Watch the video for "Greatest Name in History," and subscribe to her YouTube page

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