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An exclusive interview with DJ Monie (the Risque DJ)

DJ Monie, a charismatic branding executive turned self-taught pandemic era DJ proudly recently announced the launch of the Melanated Deejays Coalition, a private members-only DJ Coalition for female DJs of color, that strives to provide guidance for aspiring deejays and brand management for existing mixologists.

During the lockdown of 2020, the creative found herself stuck with no safe social distance for traditional musical escape or expression...so with the help of Amazon, Monie decided to turn her apartment into a club! As she began to hone her skills via YouTube videos, Crossfader and Serato tutorials, and tons of practice [much to her neighbor's dismay]. DJ Monie quickly realized that resources, groups, and mentoring opportunities for aspiring disk jockeys, let alone female DJs, were limited to non-existent - so she did what she does best - CREATE!

Our own reporter- It’s SacheMi “Speak Your Truth” had a chance to interview DJ Monie and we would love to share that interview with you.

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