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A Candid Interview with Truth Coach "Randy Howell".

1. Hello Coach Randy, you are a "Truth Coach", can you tell us about the title and how long have you been in this field? I started out as a Life Coach but as I began to help people get to a place where healing can begin, I realized that it wasn't life that was causing the problems. It was the fear, whether conscious or unconscious, of living in one's own truth, so the Truth Coach was born, and he has been practicing for 8 years now.

2. Do you travel doing speaking engagements or is this more of a one-on-one thing? I travel for speaking engagements as well as coach one on one as well as in groups. 3. What do you consider a successful coaching session? Progress no matter how much. This is not a conquer all, BOOM, right now situation. See we are looking for permanent changes so success to me looks like progress. If the process does not establish the right foundation change will be temporary. Rushing is not an option because freedom is the only option.

4. Are there many that do what you do or is your practice unique? Throughout my years I have associated with other truth coaches, and I can say that all of us are unique in our approach to help people find their truth. See we all are after the same end goal, but we don't all have the same methods of action. So yes, my practice is unique and that is special because it gives me the opportunity to be flexible to ensure I have the same chance to be successful with each case I face. 5. Is it important that people find the truth in themselves before they can be truthful with others? Depends on how you look at the situation of living outside of your truth. People create a different perception of themselves to make the world around them feel more comfortable so that can eventually become their truth and the results of that lifestyle can be very rewarding. But then you have people like me that were never at peace trying to fit in and suppressing the real truthful Randy. I had to find answers to all of the questions that were bouncing in my head because these questions were the real reason, I could not be truthful. This was not healthy for any type of relationship I was attempting to have with others. So, to answer the question, it is important to find personal truth however that may look to the individual because in order to be a full truthful asset to others you have to be completely sold out and happy with yourself. Now if this never really happens, I truly believe no matter how happy you may seem there is always an underlined level of fabrication taking place. 6. Do you do counseling with families as well? Yes, I counsel in family settings as well. 7. We hear about our young people committing suicide and just having their peace disturbed, do you think it has anything to do with them searching for their truth? Yes, I do believe it has something to do with not only them searching for truth but at an early age, I know for myself, I just wanted someone to listen with an open mind. This was not happening, and I would find myself in exile and in a depressive state. We have to be willing to listen and not always dictate when it comes to our youth. No matter how hard it maybe they deserve the right to be heard and be heard without a high level of bias. People's opinions are supposed to be heard but that doesn’t mean that they should be pushed on others as law. This is what pushes others into dark spaces because if someone finds themselves to be alone, regardless of what we may think, the possibilities of not seeing a reason to exist rise exponentially. So, we have to learn to be open to listen and willing to be understanding regardless of the conversation. 8. Please tell us about The SIMS Approach which you created and copyrighted? · THE S.I.M.S. APPROACH · 1). S- IS THE STORY 2) I – IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS 3) M – MANIFESTATION PROCESS 4) S – SHOW AND TELL · How does this process work? · Once a person gets his or her story out and can do it with complete honesty and truth, no matter how hard it may be, then the journey to true self-empowerment and growth can be started. Now that we have the story out, we can dissect and recognize the issues or problems and begin to find ways to create solutions. Now, the implementation process begins with tools, homework, and exercises to help with the sifting and sorting needed to find the solutions to these issues. This part can possibly be one of the hardest things to ever happen in one’s life but we as a people subconsciously find ourselves living for everyone but ourselves and regardless of how it may look or feel to everyone else each person on this earth deserves to be selfish enough to want to be happy for his or herself without the guilt of outside influence no matter what that looks like. The manifestation process is important because this is when you implement your solutions and create lifestyle change for positive results within your truth and happiness and without regret. Now one can become the best version of self at the highest level attainable and begin to see how much higher one can go. Show and Tell is all about self-reflection with the coach and allowing the coach to be present for support if there are fears or doubts that need to be addressed and faced. Ultimately the goal regardless of the direction the client takes within this personal journey is to learn the importance of living in one’s truth and to implement that true way of living. Living a life fulfilled is important and everyone deserves to leave as little on the table if anything when it is all said and done. 9. Why do people say the truth hurts? Can you break down that phrase? Because the truth does hurt. The truth usually is going to single out a person or a situation and those results are not usually positive. But that is the crossroad that has to be faced. A lot of times people do not consciously know the pain they have caused someone so initially it can hurt but healing is also a real thing. Now on the other hand a person can suppress their feelings and their words to protect this person and allow the suppressing of the truth to take them out completely. SO does the truth hurt yes in so many ways but don’t allow holding on to the truth take you out because how can you heal a wound that is never truly revealed. 10. Do you have any quick advice to our readers on something they can do to confront their truths? As a father my best advice is always remember you are being watched so find a way to find your truth because the vibes and energy that you put out are what, more than likely, will be reciprocated. Break the cycle, free yourself, and in return free others by showing them through your actions that it is okay to put yourself first. 11. Please send your social media for others to follow you. · www.Instagram.com/truthcoachrandy · www.Facebook.com/truthcoachrandy · www.Twitter.com/truthcoachrandy · Truth University: www.thesimsapproach.com · Podcast: https://anchor.fm/truthcoachhowell www.truthcoachrandy.com

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