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6 Things Every Family Should Know in Order to Survive the Pandemic

Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews one of the world’s most knowledgeable Vitamin D experts and trauma surgeons, has outlined 6 key things that every family should know to survive the pandemic.


Everyone should take a high dose regimen of Vitamin D3 daily, regardless of your vaccination status. Your Vitamin D3 levels could be the difference between life or death during this upcoming season. Dr. Matthews even suggests that your pets ingest Vitamin D3 daily.


Coronavirus lasts in the air for more than 16 hours. Therefore, disinfectants and consistent mask wearing is important to your safety.

3) Maintain 16-feet of distancing instead of 6 feet-

Coronavirus can travel up to 16 feet from the infected host indoors (even with maximum ventilation). It is important that we maintain 16 feet of distancing to minimize contraction of the virus.

4) Consistently wash your hands after using the bathroom.

5) All persons should practice the same level of precaution regardless of vaccination status to improve the overall health of society.

6) Get 6-8 hours of sleep daily, drink more water, stop smoking, lose weight, and avoid excessive alcohol and drug use. This will help increase your immune system which will assist with fighting the virus if introduced to the body

Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews pioneered the use of high dose Vitamin D3 in the treatment of antibiotic resistant, fungal resistant, and antiviral resistant pneumonias in 2008-2009. Once his recommendations were implemented the incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia decreased from 80% down to 20%. I would love to have Dr. Matthews discuss each of his recommendations in more detail with your audience.

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